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From Highlands to Islands: Kyle of Lochalsh Line

A pleasant enough August afternoon. Inverness railway station, Scottish Highlands. I found myself underneath the railway arches, eyes scanning the automated departure board, searching for a connection to the Isle of Skye, searching for one particular train.

Searching for Athens of the North – Edinburgh Vista

Edinburgh, the capital and by a country mile the city that I know best in Scotland, having visited a few summers ago. Weeks and years may have passed by, yet I can still picture with vividity these lovely afternoons, basking in the unseasonable Northern warmth, when I traced my steps from the cobbled medieval streets to the orderly boulevards decorated in Georgian grandeur. People have christened Edinburgh as 'Athens of the North': with its splendid architecture, reputation for academia and enlightenment, AND that clear sky of ocean blue that fails to greet me, who is it to object?

Justin’s London: 10 Favourite Spots (2)

Hidden in the woods suburbia of Forest Hill, south London, the Horniman is a legend among middle school children: endowed to the public thanks to matrimonial quarrels but adored by immature thirteen-year-olds, this (slightly off the beaten track) museum and its adjoining park is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

再來最愛的倫敦角落 (2)


The Great North Welsh Railway Journey: 5 – Llandudno

Beyond a neat, landscaped garden stands well-maintained Victorian townhouses, enhanced by the sunlight in sparkling white; ironclad verandas sit atop the main shopping street filled with fashionable cafes and restaurants as if lifted straight from a classic romantic film



The Great North Welsh Railway Journey: 3– Ffestiniog

Ffestiniog Railway to Blaenau Ffestiniog: what is quite possibly the most beautiful grey town, with the oldest railway company in the United Kingdom.


上回遊過Caernarfon城堡,本日正式開始蒸汽火車之旅。 英國是蒸汽火車的發明地,但自六十年代後已絕跡於日常用的網絡內。要坐它們,需要找保存鐵路。所謂保存鐵路 (Preserved Railways),指的是由發燒友或是以慈善形式運作,作為旅遊景點的鐵路。它們大多是被淘汰廢棄的舊線,被志願者接收後再煥發第二春。 在這熱愛舊事的國度,保存鐵路愈發的受歡迎,英國南北大大小小的路線有上百個。 北威爾斯是個蝕錢保存鐵路滿佈的區域:這裡以往是採石礦的重鎮,有很多被保存下來的舊石礦鐵路等著遊人一坐。今天先坐的是威爾斯高原鐵路(Welsh Highland Railway)。 又或其威爾斯語名字:”Rheilffordd Eryri”。不要問我怎樣讀。 威爾斯高原鐵路,是發燒友數十年的努力而成的一條路線,穿過Snowdonia國家公園,連接Caernarfon和本日第一目的地Porthmadog,一個寧靜的港口城市。

The Great North Welsh Railway Journey – 2. Highland Railway to Porthmadog

At over 25 miles in length and almost two hours in duration, it is no fairground ride either. It is a proper working railway going through some of the most spectacular landscape of Snowdonia, propelled by steam.

北威爾斯・鐵道遊-1.加拿分城 (Caernarfon)

背著背包,來趟無故而隨興的鐵路旅行。 大概因國際交通不便,北威爾斯不是遊英國的大路選擇。但對一個鐵道迷來說,這角落立時變成旅遊熱點:由世上第一條保存鐵路到數條蒸汽觀光線,北威爾斯是個我一直想到的地方。 某天被困圖書館時,在網上看見兩條響往已久的路線快將重開,看看時間剛好是較空閒的週末。於是便像旅遊廣告一樣,沒太多考慮的便訂了票。

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