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Postcards from Orkney (1)

Orkney: an island group about 10 miles north of the Top End of Scotland. With its treasures and histories shrouded...

Where I went last weekend: Wrest Park, Bedford

It took about 10 minutes to walk between Bedford’s railway and bus station, winding through some typically suburban lanes. En-route, there was a modernist Italian church, with the Italian tricolour and the EU flag flapping on the buntings outside; a West Indian social club, draped with handbills for a Jamaican independence day bash; a Polish club, with Euro-pop emanating from the attached bar; and a mosque, dome almost like a Russian Orthodox Church, with taxis parked outside. Middle England.

Richmond Park 倫敦都市綠洲

Richmond Park 列治文公園,是倫敦的皇家公園之一,和海德公園,格森威治公園同級。不過,Richmond Park可要比其更著名的同伴們要大得多—面積差不多十平方公里,是海德公園的六倍,香港維園的五十倍。與其說這是個公園,不如說是個被城牆環繞著的野外。

威爾斯鐵路夏行— 爬名山Snowdon


倫敦短線遊 – Bekonscot 世界之窗始祖


Epping Forest 賞紅葉


倫敦短線遊 — Rochester・城堡教堂記


北愛爾蘭・Giant’s Causeway巨人堤道的足跡


北倫敦市中郊遊 – Kenwood House

聖誕前,我選擇到了Hampstead Heath北面的大府第兼美術館:Kenwood House(肯活府)。

愛丁堡 北國的雅典


Searching for Athens of the North – Edinburgh Vista

Edinburgh, the capital and by a country mile the city that I know best in Scotland, having visited a few summers ago. Weeks and years may have passed by, yet I can still picture with vividity these lovely afternoons, basking in the unseasonable Northern warmth, when I traced my steps from the cobbled medieval streets to the orderly boulevards decorated in Georgian grandeur. People have christened Edinburgh as 'Athens of the North': with its splendid architecture, reputation for academia and enlightenment, AND that clear sky of ocean blue that fails to greet me, who is it to object?

Justin’s London: 10 Favourite Spots (2)

Hidden in the woods suburbia of Forest Hill, south London, the Horniman is a legend among middle school children: endowed to the public thanks to matrimonial quarrels but adored by immature thirteen-year-olds, this (slightly off the beaten track) museum and its adjoining park is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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