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Looking for Darwin: Down House

Tackling the 'places i want to go but never had' list: Down House, home to a certain Charles Darwin.

達爾文之家 – Down House




Imagined Dinosaurs – Crystal Palace Park

How do you build models of dinosaurs when you've never seen one? Exhibition A: Crystal Palace Park, South London



Japanese Food Extravaganza!! – London Edition

I'll now attempt to complete the Japanese experience (at least from a touristic point of view) with the sampling of Japan's finest cuisine, London-style. Fine Dining, Sushi, Udon, Ramen!

Escape to Tokyo: Japanese Cultural Portals in London

Although I don't have a teleporting device, I do live in the metropolis that is London. Since moving back from University, I've steadily accumulated some favourite locations for those who like me would like to escape to Tokyo one afternoon at a time. Monuments, gardens, shops, all things in Japan, this side of the world.




本博向來對宣傳英國旅遊可謂不留餘力-熱情情度之高,英國旅遊局本應給我一點補償。可是,和世上任何有遊客到的地方一樣,英國亦有些其實不怎麼樣的旅遊點。本日就一改主題,來談談英國不特別值得去,是名過於實的地方。 文章自然只是個人意見,若有不滿就請留言投訴吧。不過,入榜的四處,我都有親身去過的。

Justin’s London: 10 Favourite Spots (2)

Hidden in the woods suburbia of Forest Hill, south London, the Horniman is a legend among middle school children: endowed to the public thanks to matrimonial quarrels but adored by immature thirteen-year-olds, this (slightly off the beaten track) museum and its adjoining park is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Justin’s London: 10 Favourite Spots (1)

It was 2011 when I first ventured out of the comfortable surroundings that were my school and into the ‘brave...

再來最愛的倫敦角落 (2)


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