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The South

My Favourite Towns of Britain – Aberystwyth

Just the word "Aberystwyth" conjures up the image of Celtic mystery. Nobody knows how to pronounce the name; nobody know where the town is situated. Perhaps the only “town” deserving of this epithet in mid-Wales, it’s at least a three hour drive from anywhere resembling a major city: if travelling from London, it’s generally quicker to reach the Mediterranean. By rail, it’s the terminus of a single spur, spitting off from the already little-trafficked Cambrian Coast line. It’s very much end of the journey, and worthy for that alone.

Norwich – Norfolk’s Pleasant Surprise

There I was, as per usual, hitting the (rail)road last bank holiday weekend. My journey took me to East Anglia....

UK Travel Catalogue – 英倫旅記目錄整理

UK Travel Catalogue – 英倫旅記目錄整理


Where I went last weekend: Wrest Park, Bedford

It took about 10 minutes to walk between Bedford’s railway and bus station, winding through some typically suburban lanes. En-route, there was a modernist Italian church, with the Italian tricolour and the EU flag flapping on the buntings outside; a West Indian social club, draped with handbills for a Jamaican independence day bash; a Polish club, with Euro-pop emanating from the attached bar; and a mosque, dome almost like a Russian Orthodox Church, with taxis parked outside. Middle England.

英國漁村風情畫 — St Ives

把場景從蘇格蘭的西海岸,搬遷到英格蘭的西南之角落。春初的陽光有點多愁善感,時晴時陰的決定不了是否盛放。我在西Cornwall一偏僻的小轉車站,等著到St. Ives的列車。 想起英國小鎮,腦海中總浮現出海濱的小漁村,白牆粉擦的小磚屋,伴以停泊在石灘上的迷你漁船一兩艘,再加海鷗數隻,藍天陽光下的雪糕筒等等,經腦海中的水Instagram Filter修修,活脫就是一張現實版的畫布。

Bristol 布里斯托 Clifton的幾杯咖啡


Bristol 布里斯托 遊船記


Bristol in the Rain (2)

What a miserable day! What an enjoyable time. Journeying on, Bristol in the January Rain. The morning dawned under the...

Bristol in the Rain (1)

When: the rainiest weekend of the nascent 2018 Where: Under Brunel’s magnificent arch, Temple Meads station And there I was, staring at the map whilst sheltering from the downpour, trying to navigate my way to town.

倫敦短線遊 – Bekonscot 世界之窗始祖


西南到東北 — 英國極點選

遊記亂寫一通,需要的有時只是一個藉口。 在網上某處看過一篇文章,列出作者在英國內到過的最北最南是那處。有點無聊,便也來跟風一試。

My Extreme Points of the United Kingdom

A chronicle of the extreme reaches of the United Kingdom, and how close (but yet too far) I've got to them.

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