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My Favourite Towns of Britain – Lerwick

The Shetland islands are the northernmost archipelago of the British Isles; and although several villages lie further to the north, Lerwick is by far the largest settlement. As such, it is home to the a lot of northernmost facilities in the U.K.: from department stores to industrial estates, from bus stations to Chinese restaurants. It does make touring the unremarkable bits of town all that more interesting. If anything, it’s nice to be able to brag.

My Favourite Towns of Britain – Aberystwyth

Just the word "Aberystwyth" conjures up the image of Celtic mystery. Nobody knows how to pronounce the name; nobody know where the town is situated. Perhaps the only “town” deserving of this epithet in mid-Wales, it’s at least a three hour drive from anywhere resembling a major city: if travelling from London, it’s generally quicker to reach the Mediterranean. By rail, it’s the terminus of a single spur, spitting off from the already little-trafficked Cambrian Coast line. It’s very much end of the journey, and worthy for that alone.

Norwich – Norfolk’s Pleasant Surprise

There I was, as per usual, hitting the (rail)road last bank holiday weekend. My journey took me to East Anglia....

St. George’s Day – 聖佐治日. 何謂English的意義


Sheffield 錫菲・Park Hill 彩虹邨的回影


不列顛・最後邊疆記 — Orkney的意大利

不列顛・最後邊疆記 — Orkney的意大利


不列顛・最後邊疆記 — 邱吉爾堤壩

不列顛・最後邊疆記 — 邱吉爾堤壩


不列顛・最後邊疆記 — 聖瑪嘉烈之希望

South Ronaldsay是Orkney群島中最南的一個。我坐著旅遊巴大小的巴士;直到最後總站。St. Margaret's Hope是小島上唯一能勉強叫做村落的地方,因為是個來回蘇格蘭的接駁港,是以路闊落得足夠讓貨櫃車經過;只是早上的「繁忙時段」(約五架貨櫃車)已過,靜悄悄的街道,正好配合水平如鏡的岸景。

不列顛・最後邊疆記 — Orkney明信片(1)


Postcards from Orkney (2)

I soldier on in the Orkneys. Today, for a couple of history lesson. The Harbour at St. Margaret’s Hope, South...

Postcards from Orkney (1)

Orkney: an island group about 10 miles north of the Top End of Scotland. With its treasures and histories shrouded...

英國留學-有咩唔使帶? (都市日報專欄)

英國留學-有咩唔使帶? (都市日報專欄)

(於都市日報專欄的文章,在此貼堂記錄) To bring or not to bring? That is the question. 經驗告訴我,這問題的答案,幾乎永遠都是「Not to bring」— 用不著的東西帶得太多,搬運辛苦之餘,還需另覓地方安置。 留學不是南極探險。這是個已發展而且高度城市化的國家,日常生活需用到的東西絕對買得到,還可能更便宜。 再者,英國近年接收的東亞留學生多如天上繁星,連帶的配套設施因此完善。大學城總會有東方超市和餐館。若你到的是熱門的留學點,那不單是「中餐」,你幾乎還可在川粵日本菜間做選擇,再一杯珍珠奶茶外賣回家。不相信的話,我誠邀閣下到劍橋一趟。 以下就列出8樣不用在香港買過來的東西: 1. 家用電器...

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