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威爾斯鐵路夏行– Welshpool・池上園林


Despatches of Wales: Dovey Junction

It can take longer to travel to Mid-Wales than Milan. Whether by road or rail, a journey from London to...

Searching for Hong Kong in Liverpool

The Second City of the Empire; the most important commercial port; the city of dreams for immigrants; the melting pot and hub of popular culture. From a window on Albert Dock, I contemplated the high praises lavished upon Liverpool. Yet, I cannot help but think that these titles were fittings to another city halfway across the world as well. The Hong Kong of the past; the Hong Kong that I did not really know.

Down in the Hidden London: Down Street Underground Station

Down in the Hidden London: Down Street Underground Station

Apologies for yet another lengthy hiatus induced by exams. As always, there’s plenty of catching-up to blog about. First up:...

2017 港鐵英文意譯路綫圖


Hong Kong MTR Map Literal Translation (2017 Sequel!)

So for the first project of 2017, I've created a sequel to my MTR translation, complete with new stations and revised names.

北愛爾蘭・貝法 《鐵達尼號》的過去未來

「我們建了一艘處女航即沉沒的船,來看看吧!」,聽起來不像是旅遊局的宣傳口號。經里安納度的銀幕演出,即使離鐵達尼號沉沒已過百年後,它還是有史以來最著名的輪船。只是,它的不幸結局也已經而為世熟知面已。但畢竟大家的好奇心重,當貝法在想把近年的麻煩歷史拋諸腦後時,決定從更久遠的不幸事件借鏡:Belfast Harbour一帶的「活化」工程,就由鐵達尼號開始,整個新發展區也被叫作Titanic Quarter「鐵達尼區」。



From Highlands to Islands: Kyle of Lochalsh Line

A pleasant enough August afternoon. Inverness railway station, Scottish Highlands. I found myself underneath the railway arches, eyes scanning the automated departure board, searching for a connection to the Isle of Skye, searching for one particular train.

北威爾斯・鐵道遊:終章 Llandudno 蘭迪德諾之海

英國海濱的度假點,不論南北均有個模板:就像黑池一樣,在海邊長廊上,街機和雪糕店滿佈,再加上舊式遊樂場,與其說是個好景點,不如說是個對舊世界的迷戀。然而,蘭迪德諾可謂完全不同:下車之時,眼前的是個修剪整齊的花園,兩旁排著保存良好的維多利亞大宅,牆壁在春日的映照下顯得特別的白;摩登的拱廊下,是漂亮咖啡室和餐廳(和...超市),場景活像三十年代的浪漫電影一般。小城建在一個名叫Great Orme的海角之下,在其上或可一睹愛爾蘭海的風光。

The Great North Welsh Railway Journey: 5 – Llandudno

Beyond a neat, landscaped garden stands well-maintained Victorian townhouses, enhanced by the sunlight in sparkling white; ironclad verandas sit atop the main shopping street filled with fashionable cafes and restaurants as if lifted straight from a classic romantic film

The Great North Welsh Railway Journey: 4-Conwy

Having transversed Conwy valley yesterday, I arrived at its namesake walled town. Roughly midway on the road between Chester and Holyhead, Conwy (anglicised as Conway) has been an important travel outpost for Ireland since the Middles Ages, and the postcard-perfect little town is home to another World Heritage Castle.

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