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Chinese New Year is Just Like Christmas, But Better

Just like Christmas (and Thanksgiving), Chinese New Year is a major homecoming event. However, CNY is better because it is also New Year: with parades and fireworks all rolled into one giant festival.

Monopoly – Durham Student Edition!

Where nostalgia for Durham meets January procrastination. Monopoly board for Durham Students, along with Chance and Community Chest!

Justin’s London (I): Brixton Market

Running up the stairs from the underground ticket hall nothing too much seemed to have changed. Despite my middle of a weekday arrival, the street remains bustling as always and perhaps even more so for David Bowie's recent passing. The regular fixtures on the high street remain, so was the crowd by the bus shelter that seems to continuously refill with new passengers emerging from the underground. That feeling of familiarity from a few years ago did give me a sense of warming in my heart

HONG KONG MONOPOLY… with Current prices

Perhaps in acknowledgement that nobody would ever be able to afford the properties anyway, Hong Kong editions love to include places where nobody lives: good luck if your lifelong dream is to relocate to Chek Lap Kok. Hong Kong monopoly, with current prices.

Those that got away: an investigation of England-eligible Foreign Internationals

In a desperate attempt to avoid real work during the holidays, I scoured through the internet (mostly Transfermarkt, the Premier League website and Wikipedia) and found at least 108 England-eligible players across the top 4 divisions who for whatever reason chose to play international football for another nation. It was procrastination in its finest and almost became an immigration study.

Creating ‘Us’ on the Pitch: Identity Politics in Hong Kong Football

Creating ‘Us’ on the Pitch: Identity Politics in Hong Kong Football

The Hong Kong national football team will play their ‘big brother/Darth Vader’, PR China, on Tuesday 17th, in what is...

Cornwall’s Floating Castle: St Michael’s Mount

The image of a floating castle by the sea first entered my vision many years ago, when I first visited...

Land’s End, Cornwall

The British summer (the entire five days of it…) is/was upon us, and how better to take advantage of it...

Dayout on Impulse: Sunderland

A mixture of boredom, interest in an adventure and coincidences in bus timetables brought me to Middlesbrough a couple of weeks...

Goodbye, Durham

The date was 2nd October 2012. A pretty ordinary day at first sight: cold, windy with the trademark rain that...

Dayout on Impulse: Middlesbrough

The concept of a spontaneous holiday has always fascinated me. After all, wouldn’t it be a dream to simply jump...

On the Waters of Windermere

Lake District: perhaps the gem of the English national parks. I’ve long heard glowing reviews of the Lakes: it has...

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