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About Me

Steps at Matsuyama Castle

Steps at Matsuyama Castle, 2010. Where it all started.

Just a tiny bit of introduction myself:

My two connections: born in Hong Kong and grew up in South London. Studied for a fancy degree in Durham, now studying something more ‘stable’ in London. With a mind hovering between all these lovely places.

My first venture into blogging was years ago, although that withered as quickly as it begun. This particular attempt was spawned from a particularly hazardous trip to Western Japan and the subsequent desire to record about it – this eventually became Memories of Everyday. Most of these readings were in traditional Chinese and concerned various boarding house and travel snippets. Gradually, I also wrote in English on University, travel, trains and Hong Kong.

I made the leap into the more dynamic Wordpress platform in July 2014, mainly so that I’ll keep going since I’ve paid for it. Make sure I do, please.

I sincerely hope that you would enjoy what you find here, and if that is  the case, please do subscribe and like my facebook, spread the message! I won’t be pretentious and pretend that I don’t care about site traffic. Proceed accordingly.  😛

You may have seen me from:

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2 Responses to “About Me

  • Just wanna give you a thumbsup for your (occasionally) on-point sense of humour and loads of support x
    Not many of us managed to not struggle with our cultural identity – especially when you feel like your torn between two cultures after years and years and you seem to embrace it well 😉 finally someone who doesn’t go on and on ranting about how bored UK is and appreciate the bits and bobs, even in the rain, that makes your day

    • Hi Rita,
      Thank you for your comments. You are too kind to suggest that I’m funny at all!
      Cultural identity is never an easy issue and I’m glad to have projected a facade effectively, somehow 🙂 For me, as you rightly point out, is about embracing everything there is. Any regular reader would know where my loyalty firmly lies – the railways!
      ps. was just about to plug a weather-related post. Having second thoughts.


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