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Despatches of Wales: Dovey Junction

It can take longer to travel to Mid-Wales than Milan. Whether by road or rail, a journey from London to...

Despatches of Wales: Borth’s Sunset

On the West coast of Wales, not too far north from the university town of Aberystwyth, lies a small village...


近來在盡遊英國南北之際,去的多數都是從沒有到過的城市郊外,務求在熟悉的環境中找一點新鮮感。然而因行程剛好合得來,所以便重遊一趟英格蘭郊野皇冕上的珍寶—湖區去。 上一次到Lake District湖區去,不過是2015的事:然而這兩年間,英國卻好像大有不同了。 當然,像是Windermere湖這種地貌景象,不要說上數年,沒有百萬年的分野,自然風景還是同樣的壯麗的。 在公路時代以前要到湖區去,鐵路是不二之選:在環保法例出台之前,湖區除了是個遊客向往的區域,還是鐵路大亨們逐鹿的競技場。是以湖區在歷史上出奇的有縱橫交錯的鐵軌,要到汽車出現後才漸漸的被淘汰,現在只剩下到湖畔最大城的支線,還有另一到湖另一邊的保存鐵路以此存照。

漫遊《咆哮山莊》之山野— Haworth


Down in the Hidden London: Down Street Underground Station

Apologies for yet another lengthy hiatus induced by exams. As always, there’s plenty of catching-up to blog about. First up:...

2017 港鐵英文意譯路綫圖


Hong Kong MTR Map Literal Translation (2017 Sequel!)

So for the first project of 2017, I've created a sequel to my MTR translation, complete with new stations and revised names.





From Highlands to Islands: Kyle of Lochalsh Line

A pleasant enough August afternoon. Inverness railway station, Scottish Highlands. I found myself underneath the railway arches, eyes scanning the automated departure board, searching for a connection to the Isle of Skye, searching for one particular train.

Searching for Athens of the North – Edinburgh Vista

Edinburgh, the capital and by a country mile the city that I know best in Scotland, having visited a few summers ago. Weeks and years may have passed by, yet I can still picture with vividity these lovely afternoons, basking in the unseasonable Northern warmth, when I traced my steps from the cobbled medieval streets to the orderly boulevards decorated in Georgian grandeur. People have christened Edinburgh as 'Athens of the North': with its splendid architecture, reputation for academia and enlightenment, AND that clear sky of ocean blue that fails to greet me, who is it to object?

Justin’s London: 10 Favourite Spots (2)

Hidden in the woods suburbia of Forest Hill, south London, the Horniman is a legend among middle school children: endowed to the public thanks to matrimonial quarrels but adored by immature thirteen-year-olds, this (slightly off the beaten track) museum and its adjoining park is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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